National Biosafety Committee

The process of modernising agriculture or improving health and preserving the environment inevitably involves the application of novel biotechnologies including genetic engineering of crops to increase yield and enhance their nutritional qualities, developing new biopharmaceuticals, and pollution-sensitive green technologies. The generation, development, and application of these biotechnologies have biosafety implications, which must be carefully managed to ensure that the process and final products are safe for human consumption and the environment. It is for this reason and purpose that the National Biosafety Committee (NBC) was established in 1996.

The NBC is an independent technical committee established under Section 5 (e) of the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology Act (Cap 209). It is one of several biosafety mechanisms that government has put in place to facilitate the testing and development of potentially useful genetically engineered organisms

The UNCST through the National Biosafety Committee (NBC) registers and permits confined field studies and ensures adherence to the guidelines and safety to humans and the environment:

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