The Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary

It is with great pleasure and elation that I welcome you to our revamped website. Welcome!

Science and technology are ever-evolving, and so is our commitment to serve you with cutting edge services.

For the last thirty (30) years, we’ve been at the forefront of steering Uganda to prosperity through safe development, transfer and application of STI. We have, for instance, established relevant STI reports and policies, initiated and strengthened partnerships with national, regional, continental and international organisations. Furthermore, we have successfully managed the innovation grant programme.

So as we renew our commitment to serve you diligently, we hope you find our virtual home very helpful and engaging.

We thank our partners and the government of Uganda for standing by our side over the years of service. We long for stronger working relationships as we aspire to transform Uganda into a prosperous science and technology led society.

I thank you!

For God and My Country

Dr. Peter Ndemere
Executive Secretary – UNCST