February 11, 2019


Uganda is set to host the science granting councils initiative (SGCI) consultative meeting in Entebbe on April 4-5, 2019. Discussions with all participating Councils in Sub-Saharan Africa will focus on modalities for implementing the SGCI second phase.

Developing regions still suffer from a number of science, technology and innovation (STI) challenges including low capacities in research and research management. It is therefore imperative that the capacities of publicly funded science granting councils in sub-Saharan Africa and important brokerage institutions be strengthened for continued gains in STI development on the continent.

The five-year second phase  (2018-2023)  supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation (Sida) and International Development Research Centre (IDRC) will continue working with the Councils in the 15 African countries with view of strengthening the capacities to manage research, design and monitor research programmes and implement policies based on the use of robust STI  indicators, support knowledge transfer to the private sector, support partnerships and networking among Councils and with other science system players, thus contributing to Africa’s economic and social transformation.

The second phase will respond to the needs identified by the Councils and also seek to co-fund research projects.

Following a series of consultations, the SGCI’s Initiative Management Team (IMT) has developed a strategy to operationalise the second phase. The operation strategy and the role of the Councils in the second phase will be discussed in detail at the two-day consultative meeting.

Representatives from the East African Science and Technology Commission (EASTECO), the Southern African Development Cooperation (SADC), and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) will also be in attendance.

The 15 participating Councils are from the following countries:

Eastern Africa Southern Africa Western Africa
Ethiopia Botswana Burkina Faso
Kenya Malawi Cote d’Ivoire
Rwanda Mozambique Ghana
Tanzania Namibia Senegal
Uganda Zambia

The meeting is organized by the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology with support from the Department for international development (DFID), National Research Fund (NRF) of South Africa, Sida and IDRC.